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This page contains resources for candidates, new councillors and experienced councillors. The resources have been produced by the Improvement Service or by other organisations and will link to their website.

Preparing for Elected Office worksheet

Worksheet for people thinking about standing for election as a councillor. It encourages the candidate to think about their local area, the issues likely to arise there and how they would respond. It also encourages them to reflect on the commitments of being a councillor.

Inclusion Scotland Accessing Politics Guide

Inclusion Scotland has created this guidance for disabled people looking to get involved in politics, and all those who wish to make politics more accessible for disabled people.

Elected Member Guidance and Briefings

The Elected Members' Briefing Series has been developed by the IS to help elected members keep apace with key issues affecting local government. The briefings cover a wide range of subjects and include contributions from public bodies, commentators and observers of public services.

Elected Member Webinar Series

This webinar series has been developed by the IS to provide elected members with further development opportunities. Webinars cover a range of subjects including child poverty, public health, community wealth building, personal resilience and more.

CPD Framework for Elected Members in Scottish Local Government

A continuous professional development framework developed by the IS in consultation with local government. The CPD framework provides elected members with professional and personal development opportunities and generates comprehensive, constructive feedback on how they exercise a wide range of important political skills.