Council support


Video - Support for newly elected councillors

Councillor Kay Morrison, Fife Council, talking about her experience of support for newly elected councillors.

To be effective as a councillor you will need a range of support. All councils offer support but this will vary from council to council and may be dependent upon a councillor’s specific role. Members’ support is only provided to councillors for carrying out their approved duties as an elected member and it must not be used for party political and campaigning activities. Support may include any of the following:


  • office accommodation – including interview rooms, rooms for holding surgeries or public meetings;
  • administrative support to help with caseload and diary management;
  • council officer expert advice on policy and technical knowledge;
  • office equipment such as desks, chairs, filing cabinets;
  • home telephones, answering machines, mobile phones, personal computers;
  • information and research to help with responses to enquiries from constituents;
  • press office/public relations support;
  • care facilities or support for carers;
  • learning, development and training opportunities;
  • committee support;
  • information briefings.